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March 21, 2012 / Sarah

Bite the bullet


Over the course of the past few months I’ve talked briefly about my injuries. How my sacral is healed and my bicep I’m just going to always have to keep a tight eye on. I’m back to training with the motto ‘no such thing as over training, only under recovery’. That’s not to be taken lightly.

Legit injury/medical update…

Colonoscopy results anyone? My colon is twisted, and there was no way through without risking perforation…. so the test was incomplete. My doctor has yet to see my large/small. Seeing the rest is needed to try and determine the cause of having a twist but also to confirm it’s the only one (this is why the camera swallowing is going down).  It’s was scheduled for this morning. Talked to my doc and the test has been pushed to early April because my body cannot physically handle laxatives right now. Past abuse has made my system extremely sensitive to any stimulant laxs. Pleasant right?

All I really know is it’s very rare for someone my age to have this and I’ve got some inflammation.

It sucks but it makes you stronger. Stronger mentally.


I’m seeing a chiropractor 2 times each week. It helps so I continue because for me anything that is within reason and will help me reach my goals I’m willing to do.

The main point of me posting this is to try and get across one perspective that I highly believe in. You have to fight for what you want. Also, you have to want something 100% to make it worth fighting for. I hope that by giving my own examples of life’s tough shit and keeping a positive outlook you guys also do so if your in a tough spot.

With my GI problems I don’t a) digest food properly and b) absorb nutrients properly. My energy levels are sporadic because of this. I deal.

Injuries? Yes healed but after 2 sacral stress fractures I have to watch myself both inside and outside of the gym.

I’ve had to/still do put in a lot of maintenance work to maintain my health never mind improve it. It’s not easy to take care of yourself but if you want it, you do it.

Tough love? Suck it up. People need to stop complaining and just do work. YES there are times that you need a break, you need to cry or you need someone to tell you it’s going to be ok. But, you also need to seriously fight for what you want and what you believe in.

Find what works for you and do it. Find what doesn’t work for you and don’t do it. It’s actually pretty easy, I promise 🙂


Have a killer night!

What would YOU like to see me post? This can be very specific or general.

What’s a goal of your and something positive you’ve found to help reach said goal?

March 19, 2012 / Sarah

A case of more randoms

HEY! Long time no “see”? I’ve been busy, no that isn’t an excuse…. it’s just the truth. During this time of busyness I’ve discovered/come to terms with a few things I wanted to share with you guys as a means of catching up.

I have SERE in 11 days. Boston 3/30 baby. I can’t wait and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to this stuff.

Tomorrow I’m not allowed anything except clear liquids. I get to swallow a camera. Don’t you guys just love my GI updates 😉

I think raw almond butter is disgusting, but regular almond butter is delicious.

I’ve done more thrusters in the past two weeks than the past two years.

Back to the almond butter, I eat about 5 tbsp. per day. The worst part? I shouldn’t eat nuts. I justify this in my mind because I don’t eat whole nuts and butter is processed so maybe just maybe I actually do digest this gooey delicious substance?

I did a 5 hour workout last Friday and called it my starting point. My goal? 12 hour workout (death race prep, people!). I wasn’t sore after. I think my body is insane.


Post WO. A little tired looking but not to rough.

I still REALLY want to do a physique show. But, I’m #1 broke and #2 eat over 2500 (usually more like 3000) calories per day and can’t gain weight. Yes I’m trying to gain, no I’m not bragging. If you think that’s bragging shove it and hate because I’m pretty pissed off about the situation actually. AND it’s due to medical problems. Haters can hate.

My obsession with Nike Free’s has gone overboard. I own 7 pairs. It could probably be worse?

New quote courtesy of a fellow Spartan…. “don’t quit, can’t fail.” Same person who gave me some wise words before. Either a) this individual needs my blog link or b) I should stop quoting them.

Omelets are amazing. So is ketchup.


I think grains make me constipated. Sorrrry with the GI stuff but you’re the one still reading my blog. Please don’t stop, I love you 🙂

School is actually looking promising for the Summer, because I’d rather spend May/June/July in school than at the beach. NOT but I need to get my act together.

I  love my PT and the graston technique, it works wonders for tight glute muscles!

I work a ton and I love it.

So far in March I’ve done 3200 burpees.



That’s enough for now. I’m back to this blog though and you can fully expect some updates. Thank you all for the continuous support and I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs!

Minimalist shoes, yes or no?

Burpees, love or  hate?

Good quotes? Lay em out?

March 4, 2012 / Sarah


Hello buttercups 🙂

It’s been a little while so even though I’m not totally sure what to post about I figured I’d give it a go….

In my last post I mentioned I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. Ok, gross. It wasn’t much fun and I have to say the prep is one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. Not going into much detail on this one, sorry I’m not sorry.

Caught me, jacked that phrase from Katelyn. It works.

I know (kind of) what is wrong but not the cause. Biopsies were taken and the diagnosis isn’t solid yet so I won’t be sharing at this point. Once I get the phone call from my GI I’ll be sure to do a medical update! Yes, I’ll use big words. 😉


In terms of training, workouts are going well! Back to tire flips, sledgehammer slams, wall walking and PVC pipe carrying for fun. My upper body lifts are suffering a bit and I’m going to meet up with the trainer a few times until I can get them stable. Presses/dips are definitely not my strong point, I blame the bicep. Actually lie, I blame myself for not taking care of my body.

Take care of yourself.

Most recent upper body day-

Sesh #1 I felt pretty weak and it included – push ups (regular and hand release), DB presses, hanging knee raises, dips, lateral raises, walking planks and DB bench.

Sesh #2 I was quite happy with and included sledgehammer slams, tire flips, farmers walking, wall walks and push ups. I know push ups…. huge shocker there.

Lastly, and probably most importantly I found some new motivation.


May or may not have been thinking of the Death Race…. I can’t help myself.


Again, take care of yourself. I can’t even say it enough.


Any good videos?

Are you currently ‘unstable’ with any lifts?

February 27, 2012 / Sarah

Time to hit it big

That’s right hit it big. Hit what big? The gym, or more specifically training. CMC is in about 12 weeks and the Death Race 15 and I’ve been given the 100% O.K to train.

Picture this-

Orthopedic dr. “Stress fractures healed, physical therapy twice a week for six weeks”

Me “So I can train”

Orthopedic dr. “Yes, just ease back into it”

Me “But no restrictions?”

Orthopedic dr. “Keep up with PT, focus on stretching and ease into it”

Me “ok” while my brain is running in circles like the energizer bunny on crack from excitement

I don’t have a problem. No training for a month for me was like “clipping a birds wings”. Quoted from a very wise soul…. one who I am meeting on Thursday along with a bunch of others! Death Racer meet up. Ohheystoked.

Sledgehammer slamming has happened the past 3 days, I’m sore. I don’t care. I like it. Squatted for the first time in over a month yesterday, cray cray. 95 lbs and it was light, but ‘easing’ back into it. 150 push ups is ‘easing’, right? A YUP. At least I iced and stretched.

photo 1

This little gem of a picture has been floating around blog world for a while, finally time I joined in on the fun.

Don’t worry though, I’m already hurting myself…

photo 2

Yum. Dry hands suck… or yuck, dry hands yuck. Grammar fail.  Moisturize moisturize moisturize.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

On a completely unrelated note guess what my diet has consisted of today? Lemon jello, broth, black coffee and water. Totally balanced. Please punch me. It’s fine though because I have a colonoscopy tomorrow so I’m not allowed to eat. Need my bowels to be squeaky clean. Can bowels squeak? or, be clean?

I’m not sure why I’m telling you all I have a colonoscopy tomorrow, I guess I like to get up close and personal with you? Lets go with that please.

Well, I’m off to finish drinking 7 doses of miralax.


It works, roll with it.


What is your favorite flavor of jello?

Anybody done/doing CMC?

Any fun colonoscopy stories? I say fun with the most sarcasm possible.

February 24, 2012 / Sarah

Motivational musings and a video


Quickie post… I mainly wanted to show you guys the newest video I’ve added to my ‘collection’! But, I figured seeing I personally have been using the masses of motivational pictures being posted all over the web lately that I’d share some!

After all having motivation is an extremely important factor in achieving your goals! Some people are able to use their results as the primary source of motivation and I think that I great however if your just getting started or in a phase where your not hitting upon any big performance/physique gains than a little added motivation can’t hurt! Right? Right.

These are all from tumblr.








By that I mean pushing my limits and reaching my current goal (i.e death race!)


As for the video, allow me to introduce you to my favorite workout ever…

Pretty self explanatory 😉



What is your main source of motivation?

Sledgehammer slams…. yay or nay?

What do you want “more than anything in the world”?

February 21, 2012 / Sarah

Carbz… and the science behind them

Oh carbz, I love you…

coffee n oats

That’d be a snack. And also a polysaccharide.

Before reading please note that my view on carbohydrates in this post is strictly performance based. NOT physique.

What is a carbohydrate? If you asked most people this question they will reply either “a food that makes you fat” or “simple sugar”. EHHH WRONG. Well, kind of… 😉

A carbohydrate is a compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. In chemistry is ratio is 1 carbon atom, 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. CH2O

Not all carbohydrates are created equal, there are: monosaccharide’s, disaccharides and polysaccharides.

For your basic understanding-

Monosaccharide’s are carbohydrates in the simplest form, know as simple sugars. The most common are glucose, fructose and galactose. The main function of these is energy. These are the easiest for our bodies to break down and use.

Disaccharides are two monosaccharide’s linked together by a bond. Disaccharides are also commonly known as either sucrose, lactose and maltose. Sucrose = glucose+fructose. Lactose = glucose+galactose. Maltose = glucose+glucose. Disaccharides are the nutritional source of monosaccharide’s. AKA they need to be broken down into monosaccharide’s before the body can use them.

Polysaccharides are the same as disaccharides in a way that they need to be broken down into monosaccharide’s before the body can utilize the compounds. These are chains of both monosaccharide’s and disaccharides. The most common polysaccharide is cellulose which is the primary compound in plants. Starches fall under this category.

Now, please tell me why are people afraid of these evil little carbz? Yes, they are sugars. Yes sugar stores as fat…. IF IT’S NOT USED. Out bodies need carbz…. To function, to preform and to live. Honestly if your eating a diet with the carbohydrate source primarily being veggies, starches (like sweet potatoes) and fruit then you shouldn’t even have to worry.

Personal example – I eat oatmeal everyday. I eat a sweet potato everyday and I also include other veggies and fruit. My carbs are equal to my protein. I haven’t worked out in a month, pretty sure I didn’t get fat. Stop being afraid people, trust your body.


Natural carbs aren’t the problem. High intake of the above are.

Balance what you eat, listen to your body and DON’T SWEAT IT.

Unless your going for physique, which even then the body still requires some carbz. But if your competing you should already know all of this 😉


What’s your take on carbz?

Favorite source??

February 17, 2012 / Sarah

Death Race 2012–task #1

The first task of the 2012 Death Race is for participants to submit a short essay on ‘why you want to compete’ in the race. I have shed a little insight on my own reasons but I wanted to give you guys a more in-depth look.

Here it goes

“To me, it is about seeing if I can finish. It is about pushing my limits past the maximum that I have previously set for myself. I first heard of the Spartan Death Race via a YouTube video a few months ago, I was immediately sold.

If someone were to ask me 5 years ago if I’d be training for the Death Race I would have said no. Circumstances change, goals change, and well, life changes. I have learned to follow my heart and instead of waiting to complete goals, to jump in head first. I am not afraid of what is to come during the race in matters of obstacles and challenges. I know I will be ready because of the love and pure enthusiasm I put towards my training. I did the Spartan Beast race, it was actually my first race ever; I am now in pursuit of something harder to conquer. I just happened to choose the death race.

My passion is health and wellness. I grew up competing with Extreme Air, a nationally competitive jump rope team. I loved it, the thrill of competition and really challenging myself. I left the team at age 11 for personal reasons. When I stopped I was missing a whole part of my life, the feeling of fear that kept me together. Doing these races, and the training it involves gives me that fear back because I am unsure of what is to come. At this point all I can do is trust myself and trust that I will finish.”


What I’ll be doing during the race… or trying to do at least 😉


Have a wonderful rest of your day and thank you for all your support! xoxo