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Bucket list

I will keep adding as I find/think of more things I want to do, and cross off as I do them!

  1. Learn a second language
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Visit Europe
  4. Write a book
  5. Group fitness certification
  6. Personal training certification
  7. White water raft the Grand Canyon
  8. Visit Hawaii
  9. Be on a TV game show, uhm Amazing Race anyone??
  10. Watch the crossfit games (let’s thank ESPN baby)
  11. Compete in a physique show
  12. Learn to surf (ah, Hampton NH)
  13. Go scuba diving
  14. Complete cinnamon challenge
  15. Be in the audience of Ellen!!!
  16. Hike the Presidential Traverse
  17. Complete a triathlon
  18. Go ocean kayaking
  19. Go to Throwed Boston – DUBSTEP is what’s up
  20. Learn to ski (I snowboard!)
  21. Learn MMA
  22. Go to the Arnold Sports Festival
  23. Get my tragus pierced
  24. Go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game! (Sox all the way, sorrry Yankee fans)
  25. See the pyramids in Egypt
  26. Get a huskie after college
  27. Visit Alaska
  28. Lay on the beaches of Costa Rica
  29. Go bungee jumping
  30. CMC – civilian military combine
  31. Win an eating contest – pancakes or burgers… or both. Let’s go with both

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