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March 29, 2012 / Sarah

Legs and preparing for a competition/event

Let’s start off with a good ol’ leg workout. As you know I love my deadlifts and wanted to whip some out last night. With SERE tomorrow I decided it’d be a bad plan to go real heavy so here’s to using both deadlifts and squats in the same workout.

Warm up- hip openers, walking lunges, dislocates, inchworm(?)

– 2×15 front squat w/ Oly bar

– Deadlifts 6×8/8/4/4/4/4 @ 115/125/135/135/135/145

– Superset:

Back squat 6×8 @115

Weighted pull ups 6×4/4/2/2/2/2 @ BW+ 10/15/20/20/25/20

– Foam roll/lacrosse ball, hamstrings/hip flexor stretching, child’s pose (really focus on pushing away here to get a back stretch)


Preparing for a competition/event

The ideal way to prepare your body for an event is to train hard the weeks/months leading up to it. Go over the movements, know what your going to be doing like the back of your hand. If you don’t know what you are going to be doing at the event (SERE or the Death Race for example), your best bet is then to train with very complex movements, functional skills and the basics. Running, heavy lifting, plyometrics and outside training for example.

You can’t change your performance the week of the event. Even two weeks prior your performance is pretty much unable to improve. You might learn a new skill but that won’t necessarily increase your performance abilities. The exception to this would be leaning a skill that will improve your movement, for example mastering a double under a week before a crossfit competition. That would be beneficial. But if you sign up for a marathon that is a month away and you have never run over 5 miles, I’m sorry but your probably going to hurt yourself.

As the event moves closer you want to ensure you are training correctly, getting in mobility work, sleeping properly and eating good nutritious fuel. You don’t want to take too many rest days though, but if your body feels worn out take a day off and ice.

Here is what I’ve done for SERE:

Typical training week:

  • 5 strength sessions, 3 plyo/metcon style sessions, 2 endurance based
  • Accessory/specifics: 30 minutes core every other day; 50 thrusters every other day (alternate core/thrusters)
  • Mobility work 30-60 minutes/day depending on workouts and muscle soreness
  • I’m also currently seeing a Chiropractor and PT so that plays a huge component in my mobility/recovery as well

Two weeks prior: Normal training.

One week prior:

  • Saturday BB rows @ normal weight/rep count. 1 HR bootcamp
  • Sunday off
  • Monday boxing,30 minutes core work
  • Tuesday power cleans @70ish%, functional movement plyos
  • Wednesday legs @ 70ish%
  • Thursday off
  • Friday SERE challenge

As you can see this past week has been a lighter load, however I am still doing the same movements my body is used to. I haven’t done double sessions but I’m not taking many days off either. Today (Thursday) being the day prior to SERE I am using as my off day to both stretch out and focus. Picture my bum on the couch right now with ice on my knees. Foam roller and lacrosse ball near by 😉

In terms of nutrition make sure you are fueling your body properly. You know what works for you. The best advice I was ever given for this was not WHAT to eat but more HOW. HOW means to keep eating what your body is used to . Don’t play around with your diet a week before. Don’t start eating meat again two weeks prior for more protein and expect to not be in the bathroom come event day. Be smart. Also, make sure to hydrate. Water, water, water not vitamin water.

For what to do on the day itself I am not going into any detail yet. I have some past experience with longer events (jump rope competitions and the Spartan Beast) but I want to wait until after SERE.

I’ll be doing a write up early next week 🙂

Have a great weekend and cross your fingers it doesn’t snow in Boston. I’d rather not get hypothermia.



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  1. Alexandra / Mar 29 2012 5:52 pm

    AHHH best of luck friend!! I’ll be praying for sunshine and warmth up in Boston for ya 🙂
    Sounds like your training has been rad, I’m looking so forward to the recap next week!

  2. Amy Lauren / Mar 29 2012 7:08 pm

    Good luck to you! You’ll have to write and let us know how everything goes. And I’m super impressed with your lifts too, those are incredible!

  3. Kelsey / Apr 11 2012 3:01 pm

    I am a little obsessed with Mud Runs and Warrior Runs… though I have never participated! I just stalk them online 😀 I hope to do one this year, but I might miss the “season” (summer months)

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